The Nene Crossings Benefice

Fr. John writes......

The Nene Crossings Rectory

Dear All,

I have just finished reading the story of Jesus walking on water… It’s not the walking on water that struck me or Peter’s jumping out of the boat, to join

Jesus, but his cry of I am starting to sink….. After all, if you walk on water you would imagine only two possibilities, either walking on the top or plunging into the depths….. yet this it seems to me at least to imply a slow and gradual sinking…. I wonder how far Peter had to go before he realised? His ankles? His knees? His waist? His neck?

In my imagination I see a gradual and almost unperceivable going down…… And in some ways that is the most scary bit. If it was a sudden plunge when he stepped out, that there would be an immediate cry for help, and a closeness to the safety of the boat would surely imply a helping hand to be hauled back in with a vow to never try that again… But a slow steady sinking only noticeable when he was too far away, well that has all the hallmarks of a nightmare. All too impossible to be saved from.

It’s when danger comes upon us slowly and stealthily, almost unperceivable that it is at its most dangerous. We don’t see it coming and we are committed before we can get out of it. We are then at our most . And yet Jesus in the story was there to put out a hand. He after all had called Peter out of the safe place to start with.

So as the world comes back after the summer holidays, I cannot but help but feel the call to move out of our comfort zones, but in the knowledge that Jesus will be there, no matter what a mess we make of it .

With love and prayers…

Fr. John